"Better a thousand times careful than once dead." Author Unknown


JC Security is a unique and dynamic company, which seeks to enhance the protection of its customers, personnel, services and assets to an above average level by means of purposeful and cost effective risk management services. JC Security is committed to rendering a professional service in the physical risk management environment. We specialise in industrial and corporate security by amalgamating innovative thinking with physical focused management of skilled personnel and advanced technology. JC Security endeavours to match itself with the leading security companies on a global sphere. We manage our growth in a controlled fashion and maintaining existing high levels of service.


To provide an effective and efficient integrated security service, recognised by international standards, by utilising skilled trained personnel supported by advanced technology and a holistic approach to managing JC Security client's risks and assets. JC Security continuously strives to formulate long lasting partnerships in managing our clients security needs over and above the expected norm especially when referring to superior service delivery.

Black Economic Empowerment

JC Security believes whole-heartedly in the upliftment and empowerment of all our employees.
We do believe that our goals are attainable by:
1.   The promotion of South African-owned companies.
2. The promotion of SMME's via joint ventures and mentorship.
3. Policies specifically formulated to create new employment opportunities, or to intensify labour absorption.
4. The empowerment of your company's workforce through the standardisation of skill levels.
5. The development of human resources, including your company's assistance towards achieving your workers' tertiary education, or other advanced training programmes. Indicate, as a percentage of your company's total wage bill, the amount that your company has invested in such programmes.
6. The upliftment of Historically Disadvantaged Communities through, but not limited to, housing, transport, schools, infrastructure, donations and charity organisations.

We'll keep you and your livelihood safe and secure.
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Protect and Serve is What We Do

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Head Office: 530 Ontdekkers Road, Florida North, 1724, Johannesburg, South Africa